Frequently Asked Questions

What do you search for?
We look for official crime records. These sources can include information about date of crime, cause of crime, family information, and more.

Is it legal to look for this information?
Yes! This information is a matter of public record and covered by the Freedom of Information Act and similar laws.

Why do people look for this information?
In general, people look up crime records in order to build their family tree. Other people do so as part of academic research.

What if I wanted to find this information on my own?
You could do so, but it might take you weeks, months, or even years.

Why do you charge money?
We are a private company and not a government agency; therefore, we need to charge for our time, effort and resources.

Can I save and print my report?
Yes; you can easily make your own copies of your report.

Is my transaction secure?
Yes! We use the best encryption technology possible to make sure your financial information is secure.

What if I forget my log-in information?
Simply click here and we'll send it to the email address you provided us when you signed up.

How long does it take to build my report?
You should have your report on your desktop or mobile device in 10 minutes or less.